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Set of 17 posters giving a biography of Nelson Mandela

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Free Africa colouring worksheets.  Includes pictures of African people, pottery and masks.
10 Printable African Animals colouring sheets.
African Animals Who am I?  Poster set containing 10 pages with name and picture of each animal followed by 10 pages describing each animal.  Children can match descriptions to names/images to create an interactive display.

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Africa information, set of 10 posters including: What is Africa? How big is Africa? How many countries are in Africa? Languages, Colonisation and Official Languages, What is the weather like? African Animals, African Plants, African Religion, African Music, Art in Africa and Sport in Africa.

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Worksheets based around an Africa Theme.  Includes designing a posters, writing recounts, reports, persuasive writing and fact finding.

Looking for a specific worksheet that I don't have - let me know what you need and I'll see what I can do!

 Free Africa Banner, click image to download

African Animals display border
Free Flags of Africa Posters.  I have also included Western Sahara's flag.
Free Set of 40 Africa vocabulary cards

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