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Is there something else you need for a topic on Asia?  Please email me with requests!  instantdisplayusa@yahoo.com

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Free Asia colouring worksheets. 
10 Printable Asian Animals colouring sheets.
Asia information, set of 13 posters including: What is Asia? How big is Asia? How many countries are in Asia? Languages,  What is the weather like? Asian Animals, Asian Plants, Asian Religion, Asian Music, Art in Asia, Asian Dance and Sport in Asia.

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18 Printable posters about China.  Includes information on location, population, history, farming, capital city, tourism, The Forbidden City, Terracotta Army, Great Wall of China, landscape, climate, environmental problems, language, art, sport, religion and China's exports.
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Perfect for a cross curricular topic on China.  A set of 13 history posters all about the first Emperor of China - Emperor Qin (also known as the Ch'in dynasty).  Children can learn about this harsh man who made huge changes to China during a short period.  Includes information about the Great Wall of China, Terracotta Army, censorship, conditions for workers, laws and more.
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The Han Dynasty, Printable History Teaching Resource.  Set of 17 posters that explain life in China during the Han Dynasty.  Includes The Silk Road, Travelling Merchants, Merchants and Money, How do we know about the Han Dynasty, Replacing Lost Literature, Arts and Crafts, Science and Medicine, Public Schools, Life in Cities, Poor City Homes, Rich Homes, Clothing for the Rich, Life in the Countryside, Working the Land, Clothes for the Poor, Food for the Poor.
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Set of China Worksheets and Colouring Pages.  Includes 8 China worksheets followed by 10 China colouring sheets.

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17 photographs of China.  Showing urban and rural life.

China Banner, click image to download

World Geography - Nepal Posters

Set of 10 Posters including: Where is Nepal? Saying Hello, Farming , Flag, Dashain, How is Dashain celebrated? Mountains and Religion.

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World Geography - Free Chembakolli, A Village In India Posters

 Free Asia Banner, click image to download

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