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Set of 17 posters that look at Australia.  Poster include: Title Poster, What is Australia?  Is Australia a continent? How big is Australia?  History of Australia, The Capital City, A Planned City, Australia's Climate, Landscapes in Australia, The Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock/Uluru, Sydney Opera House, Australia's Wildlife, Language, Religion, Art and Sport in Australia.
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Australian Animals display posters.  Set of 12 Australian Animals fact cards.  Posters include Title poster, Australian Animals introduction, Red Kangaroo, Koala, Echidna, Little Pygmy Possum, Platypus, Long Nosed Bandicoot, Emu, Cassowary, Salt Water Crocodile and Tasmanian Devil.

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10 printable Australian Animals colouring worksheets. 

Worksheets based around an Australia Theme.  Includes designing a posters, writing recounts, planning a trip, advertising Australia and Australian slang.

Looking for a specific worksheet that I don't have - let me know what you need and I'll see what I can do!

Australia Banner, click image to download

Individual display letters
Printable Australia display board borders.  With light blue, dark blue and white backgrounds.  Also includes an Australia map page border and some images of Australia that could be used as display board accents.
Australia Photo Pack

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