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Set of 15 printable posters about France.  Includes:  Title page, Where is France?  How big is France? History of France, Rulers of France, French Food, Capital City, Art and Culture, Sport, Language, Tourism, Landscape, Weather and Climate, Exports and Industry, Flora & Fauna.

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Set of 15 posters about Spain.
Includes: Where is Spain? How big is Spain? History of Spain, The Golden Age, Spanish Civil War, Government, Capital City, Language, Tourism, Landscape, Flora and Fauna, Weather and Climate, Exports and Industry, Spanish Food.

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Set of 17 posters about Italy.
Includes: Where is Italy? Landscape, How Big is Italy? Environment, Nature, History of Italy, The Roman Empire, End of an Empire, Italian Art, People and Culture, Economy and Industry, Capital City, Religion, Education, Sport, Food and Drink.

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Geography resource - Continents of the World, Europe.
12 posters include details on What is Europe? How big is Europe? Countries in Europe, Languages, Climate, Animals, Plants, Religion, Art, Music and Sport.
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European Union Posters - Set of 13 posters that explain the history and purpose of the EU including member countries, what the EU does for us, the Euro and the EU flag.

CLICK HERE to download updated page of countries added to EU.

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Printable flags of the European Union Countries

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 Free Europe Banner, click image to download

Free European Union Banner, click image to download

European Animals Colouring Pages
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European Countries Colouring Pages
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Free printable classroom display posters showing 10 famous Greek foods.  Includes souvlaki, pitta bread, olives, greek salad, moussaka, spanakopita and more.

Free printable famous Italian foods posters for classroom display.  Including pasta, pizza, parmesan, tiramisu, ossobuco and more.

Free printable foods from Poland classroom display including makowiec, rosol, pierogi, golabki, bigos and more

Free printable world foods posters.
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