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Free printable Clyde in the Classroom banner

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Free Animal Facts posters.  Click image to view.
        Printable Science Lettering Sets

Set of 12 posters which look at food chains.  Posters include Title Poster, What is a food chain?  Producer, Consumer, Herbivore, Omnivore, Carnivore, Predator and Prey, Decomposers, Savanna food chain, Woodland food chain, More food chains.

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  5 free food chains worksheets.  Differentiated to suit different age and ability groups.  Also includes food chain wordsearch.

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Food Chains Banner   FREE Food Chains Banner, click image to download


  Set of 20 posters looking at common wildflowers in the UK.  Posters include:  Title Poster, What are Wildflowers?  Identifying Wildflowers, How do wildflowers spread? Collecting Wildflowers, Things to think about, Wildflowers and Folklore and 13 posters showing common wildflowers.

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  Set of posters looking at trees.  Includes:  Title Poster, What is a Tree? Roots, Trunk, Seeds, Leaves and Needles, Branches and Twigs, Coniferous Trees, Deciduous Trees, What is a Forest?  Benefits of trees (6 posters) Deforestation and its effects (7 posters) and What can we do to help?

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  6 posters including: Title Poster, Roots, Stem, Leaves, Fruit and Flower. Each poster explains the function of the plant parts.

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  FREE Parts of a Plant Banner, click image to download 
  FREE Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant.

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Set of 10 posters which illustrate the seven life processes.  KS3 set has more detailed information about each process.

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  FREE Seven Life Processes Banner. Click image to download 

Set of 9 posters which offer a simple look at animal classification.  Posters include Title Posters, Introduction, Invertebrates, Vertebrates, Mammals, Birds, Fish, Reptiles and Amphibians.

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   FREE Animal Classification Banner, click image to download


  KS2/3 Biology - The Circulatory System.  13 posters about the human circulatory system.  Includes What is the circulatory system?  Pulmonary Circulation, Systemic Circulation, The Heart, Changing Heart Rates, Structure of the Heart, Heart Valves, More Valves, What are arteries? What are arterioles? What are capillaries? and What are veins?

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  Free fitness and blood pressure posters for KS3/4 Biology study and revision. Free Fitness and Blood Pressure poster set.
Includes title poster, Fitness and Health, Blood under Pressure, Circulating blood, Systolic and Diastolic Pressure, Measuring Blood Pressure and Factors affecting Blood Pressure.

Suitable for KS3/4

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  FREE Circulatory System Banner, click image to download
  KS2/KS3 Biology Display - The Digestive System.
Posters include: What is the digestive system? Chewing Food, The Oesophagus, The Stomach, The Small Intestine, The Liver, The Large Intestine, Intestine Facts, Healthy Digestion, followed by 9 interesting facts relating to the digestive system and blank versions of the full page and half page borders.

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  FREE Digestive System Banner, click image to download

Set of 10 posters which look at the Human Body. 

The posters include: Title Poster, Skin, Kidneys, Brain, Stomach, Heart, Lungs, Ears, Eyes, Liver.  Each poster consists of a picture of the part of the body and a brief description of the function of that part of the body.

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    FREE Inside the Body Alphabet Sets.
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  Set of 12 posters about dinosaurs.  Includes size, what they looked like, what happened to them, what they ate and more.

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  FREE Dinosaurs Banner, click image to download.
  Dinosaurs lettering, FREE - click image to download.
Set of 11 posters look at Helping Plants Grow Well.

Based on the QCA Science Unit 3b

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  Free Banner
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  FREE Leaves Alphabet.
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Set of 10 posters which look at the QCA unit - Habitats. 

Posters Included: Title poster, What are organisms?  What is a habitat?  Habitats around school.  Pond Habitat,  Woodland Habitat,  Field Habitat.  What is adaptation?  What is a key?  What is a food chain?

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  FREE Habitats Banner, click image to download
    A set of 16 posters about sea animals.  Posters include Jellyfish, Octopus,Seahorse, Whales, Sharks, Sea Turtle, Dolphins, Eels, Coral, Giant Clam, Crabs, Shrimp, Sea Stars, Squid and Anemone.

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  Set of 10 posters all about the Great Barrier Reef.
Posters include:  Title page, What is the Great Barrier Reef? Where is the Great Barrier Reef? How old is the Reef? Discovery, Why is the reef important? Tourism, Life on the Reef, How big is the Reef? and Threats to the reef.  Also includes a blank page with just the border.

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  Free Under the Sea Colouring Pages

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  Under the Sea lettering set

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A set of 10 posters which support the QCA Unit 5a - Keeping Healthy 

Posters include Title Poster, A Balanced Diet, A Poor Diet, A Healthy Heart, The Human Heart, Muscles and Movement, The Pulse, Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco.

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  FREE Keeping Healthy Banner, click image to download
  FREE Simple body parts posters (KS1), 10 pages.
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  FREE Five Senses Posters, 1 page per sense.
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  FREE Five Senses Banner, click image to download
Set of 14 posters including: Title, What are micro-organisms?  Where can we find micro-organisms?  Helpful Micro-organisms (3 posters) Harmful Micro-organisms, How are micro-organisms spread?  Stop spreading micro-organisms (2 posters)  Fighting Micro-organisms and Amazing Micro-organisms (3 posters).
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  FREE Micro-organisms lettering.
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  FREE Micro-organisms PowerPoint presentation.
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  Pond Animals, Pond dipping display posters, information cards Set of 15 posters featuring Animals typically found in ponds in the UK.
Creatures include: Water Boatman, Frog, Water Flea, Great Pond Snail, Leech, Mayfly Nymph, Cyclops, Newt, Flatworm, Fairy Shrimp, Water Scorpion, Great Diving Beetle and Whirligig Beetle.

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  FREE Minibeasts Posters, 12 minibeasts and a border page.
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  Minibeast facts poster set.

Includes information about Snails, Slugs, Bees, Flies, Dragonflies, Beetles, Ladybirds, Spiders, Worms and Ants.
Click image to view pages

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  Free, printable Bug Detectives recording sheets.  Includes 3 minibeast worksheets.  The first is a check sheet, second is a tally chart and the third is a worksheet asking children to record where they found each type of bug.

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  Free Minibeast / Bugs Printable photo cards.  Includes US ladybug wording on the last page so please check your settings when printing. (US teachers can print page 2-19 to leave out the UK ladybird!)
To print smaller please choose multiple pages per sheet - custom - 1 by 2 for 2 photos per page
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Set of 17 pages that look at Ants.  Includes Title Poster, Life Cycle of an nt - one title and 4 pages showing each stage of an ant's life cycle.  One page showing life cycle, black and white label the stages worksheet, black and white label the parts of an ant, Ant Facts - species, strength, jobs for ants, more jobs for ants, ant anatomy, communication, what do ants eat and ants and the environment.
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  Free Life cycle of an Ant printable posters for display.
Includes the 4 lifecycle posters from the All About Ants poster set.

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  Minibeasts border set.  Includes one set with 16 different insects followed by 7 sets with the same minibeast repeated 4 times ie 4 lines of ants, bees, butterflies etc.  Also includes butterfly lifecycle border strips and page borders.
In .pdf format so you can choose to print only the pages you need.

Click image to download
  Fantastic Frogs printable posters. 13 pages including: title page, What are Frogs? Species of frogs, frog life cycle stage posters - eggs, tadpole, tadpole with legs, adult frog, What do frogs eat? Catching Food, Jumping Frogs, What eats frogs? Escaping Predators and Noisy Frogs.
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  4 Frog life cycle posters taken from the Fantastic Frogs poster set.  Simplified descriptions

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  Beautiful Butterflies printable poster set.  Includes: What is a butterfly? Species of butterflies, 4 pages showing the stages in the life cycle of a butterfly What do butterflies eat?  What eats butterflies? Don't eat me! - using markings and mimicary to avoid being eaten, camouflage, and eye markings, The Biggest Butterfly - Queen Alexandra's Birdwing.
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  Free butterfly life cycle printable posters.  4 posters showing the stages - egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly.
Taken from the Beautiful Butterflies poster set but with simpler language.
  Set of 13 downloadable posters all about Bees.
Includes Title poster, 4 life cycle posters, Workers drones and queen bees, Jobs for worker bees, A queen bee's life, A pound of honey, Products from bees, Royal jelly, beeswax and Dancing bees.

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Curious Chickens poster set.  Includes 14 pages:  What is a Chicken?  Chicken life cycle pages - egg in hen, hen lays egg, hen roosting, egg hatching, chick, adult chicken.  What do chicks eat?  How long do eggs take to hatch? Do all eggs grow into chicks?  How long have people kept chickens? How many kinds of chickens are there?  How many chickens are there?

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  Free life cycle of a chicken posters.  Taken from Curious Chickens Posters set above.

Click image to download
Printable Chick Border Strips

Printable Frog Border Strips

Free Minibeast Banners - Click images to download
  Set of 14 posters which look at Nocturnal Animals.  Posters include:  Title Posters, What does nocturnal mean? How do nocturnal animals adapt? Animal Adaptations - Big Ears, Animal Adaptations - Big Eyes, Animal Adaptations - Pointed Snout, and posters on nocturnal animals: Badger, Bat, Hedgehog, Moth, Mouse, Fox, Frog and Owl.
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Download Printable Nocturnal Animals Lettering
  11 posters including: Title Poster, Spine, Hand, Ribcage, Foot, Leg, Arm, Skull, Pelvis, What does the Skeleton do - support, movement, protection, bone marrow. Did you know... - longest bone, smallest bone, coccyx. Each poster consists of a picture of the part of the skeleton and a brief description

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  Set of 10 posters based around the Y3 Science QCA unit. The posters include: Title, Different types of food, A healthy diet, What do animals eat?  Do all animals like the same food?  Why do we have teeth?  What are milk teeth?  Caring for our teeth (2 posters)  and Brushing our teeth.
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  FREE Teeth and Eating Alphabet set.
 Click image to download

Free Printable Teeth and Eating Banner
Free Teeth display borders and page borders.  Includes teeth on red, blue, yellow, green and white backgrounds and 3 page borders.
Also i
ncludes some printable accents for your display.
  FREE Matching adults to their young, 14 pairs of animals.
 Click image to download
  Set of 11 posters which ask 10 questions for children to think about when planning and carrying out science investigations.

Price: �1.00     Add to Cart
  14 Posters giving a biography of the Victorian Scientist - Charles Darwin.

Price: �2.00   Add to Cart
Free printable Charles Darwin Banner

Free printable Darwin's Delights banner.

Free printable Darwin banners, click to download.

Darwin's Delights lettering sets for classroom bulletin display headings.

Free printable Darwin's Delights lettering sets, click image to download
  Science topic, How to Survive Living on Earth Set of 14 posters based on the Lancashire Unit - Survival.
This set of posters looks at six challenges to living on earth - including wild weather, diseases, natural disasters, eat or be eaten, climate change and horrid humans!
It also looks at 6 solutions animals and plants have to help them survive - including camouflage, mimicry, adaptation, evolution, ready for winter and  ways to avoid being eaten.

Price �2.00     Add to Cart
  Set of 15 printable posters that look at human evolution.  Includes: Title Page, What is Evolution? Who was Charles Darwin? Darwin's theory of Natural Selection, Human Evolution, The First Early Humans, The First True Humans, Homo-Erectus, Neanderthal Man, Homo-Sapiens, Standing Upright (2 posters), Problems with Standing Upright, Human Skeleton Changes, How did humans evolve?
Price �2.00     Add to Cart
  Set of 12 printable posters that look at inheritance in plants and animals.  Includes: title page, You have your Mother's eyes! Inheritance, What is Inheritance? Selective Breeding, Selective Breeding in Cattle, Creating Cross Breeds, Inheritance in Action, Creating Dog Breeds, Working Dogs, How were dog breeds created?  Creating a breed of dog.

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  20 posters that give definitions of the terms endangered, threatened, vulnerable and extinct.  Followed by 15 animal fact cards that show the status of the animals, habitat, description and the problem that is causing the animals to be at risk.

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  FREE Endangered Animals Banner, click image to download
  KS3 Biology - Cells
17 posters including: Title, What are Cells?, Animals and plant cells contain:, Plant Cells Contain:, Cell Membrane, Cytoplasm, Nucleus, Cell Wall, Vacuole, Chloroplasts, Specialised Cells, Red Blood Cells, Nerve Cells, Female Reproductive Cell, Male Reproductive Cell, Root Hair Cell and Leaf Cell.

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  Set of 66 free animal photocards with clear images of different animals. Set of 66 free animal photocards with clear images of different animals.
Use for sorting, classification, descriptive writing, adaption etc.

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