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Solution Graphics

Free Classroom Area Signs

Free Write on Book Labels
  Free Editable book labels.  In word format with text boxes so you can type in the required information.  Images can be resized up to A4

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Free Moving House printable posters

Free Happy New Year in different languages display posters
  Mythical Creatures Alphabet
One Mythical Creature for each letter of the alphabet.

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  Set of posters showing the history of America's Native people. Including history, What did they look like? What did they wear? Did they build towns? What were their houses like? How were tribes organised? Did they all speak the same language? How did they get around? What did they eat? What did they do for fun? Did they believe in God? Did they have an army? What happened to Native Americans? Also includes half A4 cards with definitions of: Tepee, Wigwam, Powwow, Names, How!, Cooking ,Stew, Totem Pole, Pots, Punishment, Redskins, Buffalo and Was the land ever given back?

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  15 posters give the History and information about the Modern Day Olympic Games (will be updated for future games).

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  Name tag numberplates.  12 different coloured cars with spaces for children to fill in their names.  Could be used as peg/draw labels, to make a birthday display with cars parked in appropriate months or to make a pictograph of car colours.
Includes a blank car.
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  11 posters about the Orchestra and its different sections.

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Free Seasons Printable Posters

Free Seasons Printable Posters (Welsh)
Free Variation flash cards, includes hair and eye colours, boy/girl, types of hair, freckles and glasses
  Free Visual Timetable Cards
Collection of printable cards to make an illustrated timetable for your class.

Extra Cards
  Free Flags of the World Printable Posters

World Cup          World Flags 2

EU Flags             World Flags 3

Flags of Africa

World Flags 1

NB the World Cup set has been added too for 2014 but some of the previous countries that took part previously may need to be removed for this years competition.

  14 posters that tell the History and information about the  Modern World Cup. 

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  Free Welsh Classroom Commands Posters

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  Editable outline jigsaw pieces.  Create your own connectives display or whatever text/images you like to the text boxes inside each jigsaw piece.
  Solid jigsaws, not editable, pdf format so can be printed smaller.
Write on your own words for sentence creation or connectives work.
  Free printable Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, child friendly language printable classroom display.

Rectangles version of the Curriculum for Excellence simple language display.

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Free Curriculum For Excellence display posters for the Scottish Curriculum

Official Language
Simple Language

  Free Banners:
How Things Work
Neil Armstrong
Up and Away!

Free Polish Resources:

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