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FREE Electricity Light Bulb or Lightning Lettering

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  9 Science - Electricity Posters, brightly illustrated posters relating to the key ideas QCA Unit 2f - Using Electricity.

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16 Science - Circuits and Conductors Posters based on QCA Unit 4F, includes 7 'Will it Work?' posters, Batteries and Cells, Creating a Circuit, Electrical Safety, Mains Electricity, Electrical Conductors, Electrical Insulators, Looking at Switches and Changing Circuits.

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FREE Circuits and Conductors Lettering
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   10 Science - Light posters including:What is Light? What are Shadows? Primary Colours of Light, What is Reflection? What is a Spectrum? Light all around us, Natural Sources of Light, Artificial Sources of Light, How do we see things?
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  FREE Light and Shadows Lettering

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  13 Solar System posters including: Title Poster, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune (and Pluto), Planets Mnemonic, Satellite, Sun.  Includes information including description, interesting facts and number of moons KS3 has information in a table format - length of day, year, distance from sun, temperature.   Price: �2.00
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Free The Solar System/The Planets Lettering
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  Space Display Pack Includes 8 space items with names, Moon facts, 5 space related posters - Man on Moon, Comets, Shooting Stars, Star and The Planets, Space title with letters on planets/galaxies etc.  Was made for KS1 but could be used with older children.

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  14 Day and Night Display posters: What can we see in the sky?  Why do we have night and day? Why do we have seasons? Spring Summer Autumn Winter (all with features of plants during that season)  5 posters, each with 2 time associated words. Aimed at KS1.

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  14 Sources Of Energy Display posters including: What do we need energy for? How do we make energy? Non-renewable Energy Sources, Renewable Energy Sources, Fossil Fuels - Coal, Fossil Fuels - Oil and Natural Gas, Nuclear Energy, Solar Energy, Hydro-electricity, Tidal and Wave Energy, Biomass Fuels, Wind Energy and Geothermal Energy.
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  Set of 13 Earth, Sun and Moon Display posters based on the QCA Science Unit 5E.  Includes what they look like, Shape of the Earth, Sizes, Does the Sun Move? Does the Earth Move, Day and Night, Does the Moon Move?  Does the Moon Change Shape?

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  Earth, Sun and Moon Lettering

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  11 Science - Sound Display posters including:  Sources of Sounds, How are sounds made? How do we hear things? Can sound travel through things? Sounds in Space, Loudness of Sounds, Can sounds damage your ears?  What is Pitch? How can we change pitch?

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  14 Science - Forces Display Posters Including: What is a force? Gravity, Weight,  Mass,  Newtons,  Air Resistance,  Friction,  Water Resistance,  Forcemeter,  What does streamlined mean?  How does a parachute work?  Where is friction useful?

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  Set of 9 posters including: Title Poster How do magnets work? Types of magnets Magnetic Poles Attract or Repel Magnetic Materials Non-magnetic Materials What are Magnets used for? Magical Magnets!

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  Set of 13 posters looking at Springs.  Posters include: Title Page, What is a Spring? How Springs Work, Extension Spring, Compression Spring, Torsion Spring, Trampolines, Motorbikes and Cars, Jack-in-a-box, Ballpoint Pen, Newton Meter, Mattresses, Hair Clips.

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Set of 11 posters which ask 10 questions for children to think about when planning and carrying out science investigations.

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  11 Science - Electromagnetic Specturm Display posters including: What is the electromagnetic spectrum (2), Remembering the order of EM waves, Radio Waves, Microwaves, Infrared, Visible, Ultraviolet, X-rays and Gamma rays.

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