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Printable Space Topic Banner
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Solution Graphics

Space Travel Timeline Display
Set of 23 posters giving a timeline of some of the most important events in space travel history.

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Free printable space theme borders.  Includes display board borders and 3 page borders.
Free Space Theme Science printable worksheets.  Includes sheets on habitats, materials and their properties, planet facts research, explaining movement of the sun and changes in the moon's appearance and a wordsearch.

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14 Day and Night Display posters: What can we see in the sky?  Why do we have night and day? Why do we have seasons? Spring Summer Autumn Winter (all with features of plants during that season)  5 posters, each with 2 time associated words. Aimed at KS1.

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Free printable Literacy worksheets based around a space topic.  Includes ideas for reports, persuasive, recount, fiction, poetry, journalistic, discussion and advertisement writing.
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Set of Maths worksheets based around a space theme.  Includes co-ordinates, symmetry and grid positions.
Free printable space explorer certificate.
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Set of 13 Earth, Sun and Moon Display posters based on the QCA Science Unit 5E.  Includes what they look like, Shape of the Earth, Sizes, Does the Sun Move? Does the Earth Move, Day and Night, Does the Moon Move?  Does the Moon Change Shape?

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Earth, Sun and Moon Lettering

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Free printable space theme photographs.
13 Solar System posters including: Title Poster, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune (and Pluto), Planets Mnemonic, Satellite, Sun.  Includes information including description, interesting facts and number of moons KS3 has information in a table format - length of day, year, distance from sun, temperature.   Price: �2.00
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Free The Solar System/The Planets Lettering
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Space Display Pack Includes 8 space items with names, Moon facts, 5 space related posters - Man on Moon, Comets, Shooting Stars, Star and The Planets, Space title with letters on planets/galaxies etc.  Was made for KS1 but could be used with older children.

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Design Technology Ideas

Design and make an alien with moving parts using pneumatic or cam mechanisms.

Design and make a Moon/Space vehicle

Design and make a portable shelter for astronauts exploring a new planet.
Music Ideas

Listen to Holst's The Planets, and discuss why he chose particular types of music for each planet.

Listen to space themes from TV and Movies.  Are there any similarities/common themes in 'Space Music'.

Compose their own space music to fit in with their own imaginary planet.
Consider different climates found around the world when planning their own planets.
Think about settlements - what would new visitors need in order to create a successful settlement.  Could locate a good spot for a settlement on a map of their planet.

Look at the history of space travel, the race to the moon etc.

Consider how ancient civilizations e.g. Egyptians, Aztecs and Maya studied the sky's and the development of astronomy.

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