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  Free Printable Set of posters showing simple definitions of different genres of writing. Set of posters showing simple definitions of different genres of writing.
Includes Recount, Instructions/Procedures, Narrative, Report, Explanation, Persuasion and Discussion.

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  Set of posters showing the features of Formal and Informal Letters.  Includes title page, Why do people write letters? When do we write formal letters? The First Paragraph, The Middle Paragraphs, The Last Paragraph, Opening Lines, Closing Lines, Examples of good opening and closing lines, Writing formal letters, 6 envelopes showing formal letter writing rules, Writing informal letters and 4 envelopes showing informal letter writing rules.

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  Includes title page, Purpose of a Formal Letter, Features of a good Formal Letter (3 pages), Writing a Letter of Complaint, Complaint - Starting your Letter, Complaint - Main Paragraph, Complaint - Last Paragraph, Writing an Apology, A Formal Invitation, Starting a Formal Invitation, Writing a Formal Invitation (2 pages).

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Free letter writing banner for classroom display
Book Review Posters Display

Explanation Texts
  Posters showing the features of advertising texts. Includes What is an advertisement? Eye-Catching Colours, Scintillating Senses, Hillarious Humour, Quizzical Questions, Wonderful Words, Super Slogans, Exciting Exaggeration, Delicious Descriptions and Powerful Promotion.
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Features of Discussion Texts

Free display showing different genres of Fiction Books
Lettering and Banners, click images to download

Free printable Journalist Writing Banner

Story Writing Features Display Posters

Features of Journalistic Writing Display Posters

Features of Instructional Writing Display Posters

Free KS3 Posters - features of different writing types

Kinds of Poetry Display
Features of Narrative Writing

Features of Persuasive Writing

Features of Writing a Playscript
Free Proverbs Display Posters
Recount Writing

Non-Chronological Reports
  Newspaper print display lettering.
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