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  Solution Graphics

  12 History - Tudor Times Posters including: Who were the Tudors?  Who reigned in Tudor Times?  What did the poor eat?  What did the rich eat? Sport, Executions, Theatre, Houses for the rich, Houses for the poor, School and Children.

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  The Tudors/Tudor Times Lettering
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Free printable banner - Would you have survived Elizabethan Times?
Free Tudor Printable Banners
  24 posters that tell the story of Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the Americas.  Posters include Title Poster, Who Was Christopher Columbus? His Early Years, Off to Sea, Marriage and Children, Educating Himself, The Silk Road, Finding a New Trade Route, Sailing West, Finding Funds, More Fund Finding, Funding Found! Columbus' Contract, Setting Sail, Land Ahoy! Columbus' First Landing, The First Settlement, Returning Home, Columbus' Legacy, Columbus is Arrested, Columbus Dies, Remembering Columbus, The Two Log Books and Naming the New World.

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  13 Columbus posters for KS1.  Simplified version of the above set of posters aimed at younger children or special needs.

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  52 free word cards based around Christopher Columbus/Explorers.
Can be printed 4 to a page using the multiple settings on the print page.

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13 History - Tudor Exploration Posters including: Why did the Tudors explore? Trade Routes, Who paid for the voyages? Navigation, Maps, Dangers at Sea, Life on Board, Mice Rats and Cats, Food, Drink, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh.

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  Set of 17 posters that give a brief biography of King Henry VII.  Includes details of his 6 wives and his life from birth to death.  Click image to see posters included.

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  Display posters about the Tudor Queen - Elizabeth I Set of 25 posters all about Queen Elizabeth I.  Includes details of her mother, father, birth, life as a child, becoming queen and more.  Create a comprehensive display or use as an information source.  Click image to see posters included.

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  Set of 19 posters that look at Crime and Punishment in Tudor times.  Posters include common Tudor crimes, methods of execution, methods of punishment.  Click image for more detail.

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  History Posters - 14 Posters that give a biography of Mary, Queen of Scots

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  Set of posters that give a brief biography of William Shakespeare followed by 10 famous quotes from Shakespeare's plays.  Includes 17 pages.

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