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Free printable Oes Fictoria, The Victorians in Welsh banner for classroom display

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  Set of 24 posters that tell us all about Crime and Punishment in Victorian times.  Includes information about courts, prisons, punishments, transportation and the police force.
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  Set of posters all about the life of Queen Victoria.  Posters include: title page, Who was Queen Victoria? Birth of a Princess, In line to the Throne, Growing and Learning, Long Live the Queen, Victoria and Albert, The Royal Family, Royal Christmas, Royals on holiday, Victoria the Empress, Queen and Government, Prince Albert Dies, The Queen in Mourning, Celebrating the Queen and End of an Era.  Also includes a blank border page.
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  Free printable Victorian alphabet on slate boards.  Download and print to create a Victorian Alphabet display or border. Victorian alphabet on slates printable alphabet set.
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  Victorians/Victorian Times
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  Timeline including 19 inventions from Victorian Times

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Victorian Children at Work
11 posters which show 10 of the most common jobs for children in Victorian times.  Each poster is in the form of a narrative given by a fictional Victorian child.
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  Free Victorians Teaching Resource - Famous Victorians
posters including: Queen Victoria, Charles Dickens, Alexander Graham Bell, Joseph Lister, Robert Louis Stevenson, Florence Nightingale, Lewis Carroll, Charles Darwin, Dr Barnardo. 
  History Resource - Victorian Times
Florence Nightingale Display

10 posters tell the story of Florence Nightingale's life in simple language .  Suitable for KS1 or KS2

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  Set of 19 posters that tell the story of Mary Seacole.

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  14 Posters giving a biography of the Victorian Scientist - Charles Darwin.

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  19 posters that give a biography of the life of Robert Falcon Scott, or Scott of the Antarctic.

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  Set of 17 posters that give a brief biography of the Victorian Author, Charles Dickens.

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  Free Victorian Schools PowerPoint presentation

  Free Victorian Christmas Traditions PowerPoint presentation, could also be printed out and used as posters.
  Victorian Rich Families PowerPoint

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  Victorian Poor Families PowerPoint

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