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Gaeilge Resources

Please note that I have no knowledge of the Gaeilge language myself therefore cannot provide translations.  If you would like to translate any of my resources in to Gaeilge please email me at classroomdisplay@yahoo.co.uk

Free Printable Tír-Eolaíocht banner

Free Printable Gaeilge Stair Banner

Free Printable SESE Banner

Free Printable reamhfhocail Posters

Question Words Gaeilge

Months of the Year in Irish Gaelic Gaeilge

Free Printable Matamaitic Banner 

Free Printable Gaeilge Banner

Free Printabe Eolaíoch Banner

Free Printable Days of the Week in Gaeilge

Free Printable Creideamh Banner 

Free Printable Béarla Banner

Free Prinable An Aimsir Banner

Free Printable Vertical Banner Comparaid  Free Printable Irish Gaelic Resource

Free Printable Irish Gaelic Gaeilge Posters 

Free Printable Seasons in Irish Posters
Free Printable Irish Gaelic Weather Terms 




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