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Free printable Reading Resources

Free Printable Reading Banner  Free printable Reading Corner Banner
Free printable World Book Day Banner  Free Printable Why the Whales Came Banner
Free printable Thinking Readers Banner  Free Printable Story Walk Banner
Free Printable Reciprocal Reading Banner  Free Printable First Aid for Fairies Banner
Free Printable Not a Fairy Tale Banner  Free Printable Dragon Slayer Banner
Free Printable Comprehension Crew Banner  Free Printable Carries War Banner
Free printable The Highwayman poem banner for classroom display

Printable Banners

Free Printable Intrigued by the First Line? Banner

Free printable first lines of famous books for children banner and posters.

First lines of famous books for children - banner and posters.

Includes 25 book quotes.

Could be used for children to guess the book (fold or cut off book/author at bottom).

Great for a reading corner or library display to encourage reading.

Free set of posters that look at the different parts of Dictionary entries, head word, definition, homonyms etc

i READ, i THINK, i DISCOVER, i LEARN and i SUCCEED on ipad backgrounds.  Free printable classroom display set for bulletin boards. 

Where Will Reading Take You Today? Free printable imaginary worlds classroom display set.  Includes signs for Atlantis, Badger's House, Camp Half-blood, Discworld, Treasure Island, Hogwarts, Lilliput, Emerald City, Neverland, Rivendell, Ember, Inkworld, Cittagazze and Faraway Tree.
Imaginary worlds classroom display set.  Includes signs for Atlantis, Badger's House, Camp Half-blood, Discworld, Treasure Island, Hogwarts, Lilliput, Emerald City, Neverland, Rivendell, Ember, Inkworld, Cittagazze and Faraway Tree.

Signs can be resized to suit your space.

Include just the signs which suit your class or use the blank arrows for children to create their own favourite imaginary places.

Free KS1 Authors Posters

Free printable Children's Authors Poster Set

Free Blind Men and the Elephant Poem PowerPoint Presentation

The Blind Men and the Elephant
PowerPoint Presentation

Free Teaching Resource Poetry Daffodils by William Wordsworth PowerPoint Presentation

Daffodils PowerPoint Presentation

Jabberwocky PowerPoint Presentation

Jabberwocky PowerPoint Presentation
The Charge of The Light Brigade PowerPoint Presentation

The Charge of the Light Brigade PowerPoint Presentation

O Tell Me The Truth About Love PowerPoint

O Tell Me the Truth About Love PowerPoint Presentation
The Walrus and the Carpenter PowerPoint

The Walrus and the Carpenter PowerPoint Presentation

Nursery Rhymes PowerPoing

Nursery Rhymes PowerPoint Presentation

Free Haikus and Tankas PowerPoint Presentation

Poetry - Haiku and Tanka PowerPoint Presentation

Free Printable Bookmarks Collection
Free printable Bookworm display set

Free printable KS1 Story Hooks teaching resource   Free printable English teaching resource, cards, story hooks for Y3/4   Free printable teaching resources, Y5/6 Story Hooks

Story Hooks - phrases that can be used to talk about what children are reading.

Free printable All About Books - Features of Books Display Set

Free Printable Compound Words set of posters
Free Compound Words matching cards

Compound Words Matching Cards

Scottish Gaelic Download

Free Printable Consonant Clusters Posters

Consonant Clusters Display Posters
Free Dewey System Posters Library Books

Free Printable Charles Dickens Biography English Display

Charles Dickens Biography Poster Set

Free Printable Mark Twain Biography Information Posters

Mark Twain Biography Poster Set

Free Long and Short Vowels Display Set

Long and Short Vowels Set

Assessment For Learning Level Description target Cards:

L1   L2   L3   L4   L5

Free Reasons to Read Poster Set

Free Park Poem Posters

Illustrated Park Poem, uses repeated pattern - adjective, noun, verb format
Scottish Gaelic Version

Free Printable Rhyming Words and Picture Cards

Rhyming Words and Pictures cards, match the pictures to written rhymes or pictures depending on ability level
Robert Louis Stevenson Poetry PowerPoint Presentation

4 Robert Louis Stevenson Poems PowerPoint Presentation

Free printable Roald Dahl biography for children teaching resource.  Free display posters for schools and classrooms.

Roald Dahl Biography Posters
Free printable Robert Burns biography for children.  Free teaching resource materials.

Robert Burns Biography Posters

Free Printable Shakespeare Banner

Free printable Shakespeare biography for children.  Free English teaching resource.
Free printable Shakespeare's Macbeth characters matching.  Free teaching resource.

Macbeth Characters
Includes labels and the descriptions of 7 characters.
Descriptions each include a quote by that character.
7 additional quotes included on scrolls.

Free printable Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream characters matching resource.  Free literacy teaching resources.

Free Printable Good Readers Posters Display Set

Characteristics of Good Readers Display Set

Free printable Famous Literary Characters Set

Match 10 fictional characters to their descriptions.




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