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Space Resources

Free Printable Space Banner

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Free Printable Space Travel Timeline Posters

Space Travel Timeline

Space Display Borders

Includes display board borders and 3 page borders.
Science Space Topic Worksheets

Space Topic Worksheets - Science

Space Themed Literacy Worksheets

Space Topic Worksheets - Literacy
Space Themed Maths Worksheets

Space Topic Worksheets - Maths

Free Printable Space Explorer Award

Space Topic Certificate
Printable Space Photographs

Space Photographs
Free Printable Simple Space Sheets

Simple Space Themed Display
Free printable KS3 Planets and Facts Posters

Solar System Posters
Free printable Science Solar System Facts Posters

Solar System Posters
Free Printable Day and Night Posters Science Display

Day and Night Science Teaching Resource

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Free Printable Earth Sun and Moon Science Classroom Posters

Earth, Sun and Moon Science Teaching Resource

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Design Technology Ideas

Design and make an alien with moving parts using pneumatic or cam mechanisms.

Design and make a Moon/Space vehicle

Design and make a portable shelter for astronauts exploring a new planet.
Music Ideas

Listen to Holst's The Planets, and discuss why he chose particular types of music for each planet.

Listen to space themes from TV and Movies.  Are there any similarities/common themes in 'Space Music'.

Compose their own space music to fit in with their own imaginary planet.
Consider different climates found around the world when planning their own planets.
Think about settlements - what would new visitors need in order to create a successful settlement.  Could locate a good spot for a settlement on a map of their planet.


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