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Free Christianity Banner
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Free printable First Holy Communion Banner



Pope Francis I banner and poster - click images to download

Welcome Pope Benedict XVI Lettering

Blessed John Paul II Lettering

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Colour in Papal Coat of Arms for Benedict XVI and Bl. John Paul II

  10 Posters including  each telling us something about the Bible e.g. The bible is a collection of books, a book of books. The Old Testament is written in Hebrew ...lots of different facts to share with your class.

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Religious Education Resource
Set of 10 Posters that show each of the beatitudes along with an explanation of each.

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  Simpler version of the Beatitudes Eplained set.
Set of 10 Posters that show each of the beatitudes along with a title poster.

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  13 Posters including: What is Christianity? Founder of Christianity, Who is Jesus Christ? Jesus' other names, Who are Christians? What do Christians believe? Where do Christians worship? Holy Book, Christian symbols.
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  Free posters - The Story of Christmas Printables.

  12 posters including: Why Christians use symbols, Crucifix, Candles, Flowers, Halo, Fish, Rosary Beads, Sanctuary Lamp, Votive Candles and Incense.

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  11 Posters including: Pews, Stalls, Altar, Font, Pulpit, Screens, Organ, Piscina, Sedilia, Stained Glass.

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  10 Posters including Lych Gate, Churchyard, Cemetery, Churchyard Crosses, Belfries, Bells, Gargoyles, Niches, Porches and Title Poster.

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Free, Simple version of the Creation Story.

Free,  Creation Story in Welsh.
  Free Ten Commandments poster printables

Scottish Gaelic Version
  9 posters Including: What is Lent? When is Lent? Why does Lent last for forty days? Why is it called Lent?  Fasting, Giving something up for Lent, Doing something extra for Lent, Almsgiving and Prayer.

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  12 Posters including: Title Poster, Easter, Lent, Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Ascension Day and Pentecost.

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  Free Stations of the Cross Display Posters
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  Free, The Easter Story in Welsh
  Free, The Easter Story printable posters.

Free, downloadable Easter Banners

(3 A4 pages long)
  Hail Mary Writing Page
FREE click image to download
  17 posters that tell the story of Moses.

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  Set of posters that give brief descriptions of 10 people from the Old Testament for children to match with the appropriate labels.  Included are:  Eve, Moses, Noah, Jonah, Daniel, David, Esther, Samson, Joseph and Abraham.

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  Free, Parables Posters.
  Set of 11 posters about Pentecost.  7 posters tell the story of Pentecost while the others give simple information about the celebration.

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Free Pentecost Banner
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  Free, Reasons for Praying Printable Posters
  Free, The Rosary printable resource.
  14 Posters tell a brief story or his life and how Saint Patrick's day has been celebrated n the past and is celebrated today.  Also looks at the shamrock and Celtic cross.

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  11 posters about Saint George

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  Set of 11 posters about Saint Andrew.

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  Free printable St Andrew's day banner
Free printable Banner, click to download
  Set of 13 posters that tell the story of Saint David (Dewi Sant) of Wales.  Includes a biography of the saint, how Saint David's Day is celebrated and the leek and daffodil symbols of Saint David and Wales.

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  13 Harvest Festival printable Posters that look at harvest festivals in 12 different places around the world. Includes Africa, USA, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Austria, Holland, Germany, India, Japan, Poland and Jewish Festivals.
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