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Teaching Resources

Small Collection of Gaeilge Teaching Resources
Free Printable Space Resources Posters

Free Printable Circus Themed Topic Resources

Free Printable Autumn Teaching Resources

Free Printable Summer Classroom Display Resources

Free Printable Halloween Resources

Free Printable Birthday Teaching Resources

Free Printable Farm Topic Teaching Resources

Free Printable Spring Resources

Free Printable Winter Themed Topic Teaching Resources

Free printable bulletin display board accents.  Glitter stars.  Can change the size of the stars or print as they are.  Huge choice of colours, also available in metallic and plain colour backgrounds.  Free printable bulletin display board accents.  Metallic stars.  Can change the size of the stars or print as they are.  Huge choice of colours, also available in glitter and plain colour backgrounds.

Free printable bulletin display board accents.  Coloured stars.  Can change the size of the stars or print as they are.  Huge choice of colours, also available in metallic and glitter backgrounds.

Individual Stars in Glitter, Metallic or Coloured.  Copy and Paste the stars you need for your displays.

Free Printable Blank Pencils For Classroom DIsplay

Pencil Accents for Display Boards

Free Printable Pencils Board Accents
Free printable pencil accents.  Could be used as bookmarks, name-tags, tray labels etc.  Includes solid colour, metallic, glitter and two types of blank pencils which children could decorate for their own label.  Each pencil can be sized separately.

Pencil Labels.  Can be resized.

tray or book label cards

Tray or book labels


Baby Shop Role Play Area Signs

Baby Shop Role Play Area Signs

 Baby Shop Role Play Area Items Signs

Baby Boutique Role Play Area Banner

Editable kite display, synonyms, matching letters etc

Editable kites display.  The word art can be altered on both the kites and the bows.
Ideas for use:
Synonyms - create your own synonyms on the bows to decorate the kite tail.
Letters - Have a letter of the alphabet for each kite, add words begining with the letter to the bows.
Authors - Name of author on kite and books on bows
Science - words associated with... e.g. forces, habitats
Maths - total on kite, sums that equal the total on bows
Free printable Voice Levels Classroom Management Resource.

Voice Levels Classroom Management Resource.
Free printable 'Today's Date' set of cards.  One gold card for each day of the week.  One green metallic card for each month of the year.  Dates 1st to 31st on silver cards and years 2015 to 2024 (will be added to later) on blue metallic cards.Classroom today is..., tomorrow is... cards.

'Today's Date' set of cards.
30 days hath september remembering the number of days in each month poem

30 Days has September Poem
Free Printable 'In this Classroom/School you are... display for classroom display, corridor display or hall, whole school display.

In this classroom we are...
Habits of learning, We are learners who... Perservere, plan, ask questions, take risks, imagine, collaborate, listen, think for ourselves etc classroom display

We are learners who...
Blank and Colour in Hot air balloons

Hot Air Balloons with a variety of shapes and colours.
Free printable Welcome Back set of posters.  Great for back to school, display as bunting or on a wall.

Each letter is set at A4 size but can be printed smaller using print settings.
Printable hello in different languages poster set for classroom display

Hello in different languages poster set
Free printable Welcome in over 40 different languages display posters for classroom bulletin board display.
Welcome Display Set in different languages

Free printable welcome banner with flags of the world background  Free printable hello from around the world banner on a world flags background  Free printable Hello from around the world banner for display teacher resource
Star Certificates  Star of the Day Star of the Week Free Printable Certificates

Star of the Week and Star of the Day Certificates and Board Accents.
Free print your own certificates to reward your children.  Includes 100% Attendance, Film Club Award, Music Award, Super Star Award, Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards, Gardening Award, Art Award, Star of the Week.  Free printable certificates

Printable Certificates - if there's a certificate you need, that I don't have, please let me know and I'll add it if possible.
Free Prinable Golden Guidelines Certificates for Schools and Playgroups

Home learning and golden rules certificates

Free printable Home Learning Certificate
 Chinese Proverb Confucius Quote Poster 

Chinese Proverb - Confucius and Merit Chart
Free Printable Check Your Work Posters     Free Printable Check Your Work Posters in Welsh Language

Check your work posters
Free Printable Gardening Labels For Display

Gardening Club Display Set

Gardening Club Extras: DOWNLOAD
Free Printable Months in English Poster Display Set

Months of the Year
Maori Version

Welsh Version

Australian Version
Polish Version

Months Arabic
Days of the Week English and Welsh Posters

Days of the Week in English and Welsh
Printable English and Welsh Months of the Year

Months of the Year in English and Welsh
Free printable classroom or dinner hall food bunting

Printable food bunting.  Made to show typical school dinners items, includes a few drinks.
Free printable 'The Seasons' posters with related months.  Create an instant classroom display.

The Seasons Poster Set including Months for each season.
Free printable 'The Seasons' and their months, from the Irish Calendar.  Irish/Gaeilge version.

Seasons Posters set in Irish Gaelic
PE equipment signs

P.E. Cupboard Signs
Marking Symbols for Display

Marking Symbols Display Posters
All about me Worksheet       Wanted Worksheet

All About Me and Wanted Worksheets
Lettering Headings

King Arthur
Autumn Term
Blast Off!
Check it out!
Houses and Homes
Medical Centre
Welcome to our Music Room
Outdoor Learning (capitals)
Outdoor Learning (lowercase)
Under the Sea (capitals)
Under the Sea (lowercase)

Spring lettering collection
Spring lettering collection (Welsh)
Summer Lettering Collection
Autumn Lettering Collection
Winter Lettering Collection
Write On Book Labels

Write on Book Labels
Editable Book Labels

Editable Book Labels
Classroom Area Signs

Area Signs
Editable Jigsaw Pieces to write on for connectives displays

Jigsaw pieces

Printable Jigsaw Pieces


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